Democratic Precinct Delegates of Oakland County

Democratic Precinct Delegates of Oakland County. Michigan Democracy.  Election participation is critical.

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The DPDOC Steering Committee

Along with performing their duties as precinct delegates, there is a group within DPDOC that devotes even more of their time to authoring training materials, using those material to train new delegates, creating lists of voters in precincts for delegates to canvass, reaching out to the community and other organizations to strengthen communication and make the process accessible, and so much more.  These are those people:

The Democratic Precinct Delegates of Oakland County (affectionately known as DPDOC) is an organization of precinct delegates dedicated to community outreach.


We are motivated officials who see a lot of energy and power that could be harnessed to help shape our communites and actually realize the reimagined American Dream.  A fair way to characterize us is that we are, in a way, unionizing.  We're putting together our collective talents, energy, and contacts to make the Michigan Democratic Party and the election process more efficient and accessible to everyone.

Be part of the Michigan Democratic Party. Get Democrats elected; precinct delegates, senators, representatives. Participate in elections.

Nina Dodge Abrams

Resource Development Co-leader

Chuck Altman

Brian Dunphy

John A. Erich

DPDOC Co-chair

Susan Erich

DPDOC Co-chair

Laurie Evans

Recruitment/Training Co-leader

Theresa Fougnie

Recruitment/Training Co-leader

Jeanne Goddard

Lori Goldman

Resource Development Co-leader

Lisa Kiefer

Hugh Purcell

Barb Spiece

Outreach/Communication Co-leader

Larry Spiece

Outreach/Communication Co-leader

Catherine Wade

Karen Bolsen

Tech Co-ordinator